The magic of laser cutting




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Introducing the pop-up place card

Laser cutting technology amazes me everyday. Just about anything you can dream up can be made. This is where the creativity of the designers at Secret Diary come into play. We constantly push the limits and ourselves to create new and innovative products for our clients. Our machines are able to cut through paper, wood and even perspex to create just about anything your heart desires; from boxes to small embellishments and intricate paper designs. This is where I introduce the ‘pop-up’ cards which are so simple, but yet such a clever idea – just like the most things in life (I believe). Laser cutting without a doubt can add something magical to any invite or even blank piece of paper. Even the faint brown marks that the laser leaves in it’s trail adds something special to the look and feel of the paper. Laser cutting is a perfect example of the old (paper) and the new (technology) coming together to create something fascinating… Some would argue that paper is dead and the digital age will eventually make paper absolute – I couldn’t disagree more.  Rather the combination of newer and better technology will change the way we think of paper and what it can do for us.

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