Old – fashioned Love

For as long as humans have lived, we have found ways to express our adoration for the people in our lives.
If you want to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, but you have no idea what to do, remember that there are many ways to express your feelings and people have been doing just that, for centuries.

Here at Secret Diary, we love helping people express their love!
We do it every day, as you can imagine, we love paper, all kinds of them, and we create designs on extravagant types of paper every day.
But, the best kind of paper out there will always be the paper that has your thoughts and feelings written down in your handwriting.

There’s something pretty nostalgic about words on paper. It’s a written declaration of one’s feelings, forever etched with ink. Maybe it’s seeing your partner’s handwriting, the familiar scribble of their dearest thoughts, which makes you smile. It could even be the memories they’ve penned down that let’s you relive amazing moments.
Letters and notes are the type of things to run back into burning buildings for. Just like old photo’s, they cannot be replaced or remade. These days, it takes less than a minute to type up a message and decorate it with emoticons, thereafter sending it to a whole bunch of people.

The truth is, a WhatsApp message will never provide you with the authentic experience of receiving something from someone. There’s nothing like being able to hold in your hand, the sum total of someone’s effort, thought and feelings, on a page.

A love letter never goes out of fashion. We express romance and love the same way we always have – with words on paper.
No matter in which way you choose to express your love this Valentine’s day, remember that old-fashioned love is the kind of love that needs to be celebrated. At the end of the day, there is nothing like love. That, through centuries, has never changed.