Moodboard 16: Cosmo Inspired

Mood board 16 has brought us to a stylish, theme-inspired wedding. Most of the time when we hear “themed wedding” we immediately think ‘kitsch’. However, we have made it one of our goals to create a themed wedding invitation that changes the perception of a themed wedding completely! We want “stylish, elegant, glamorous and sophisticated with a hint of fun”, to be the words that come to mind when themes are mentioned.


To showcase a little of what we are talking about, have a look at the beautiful cosmo-inspired wedding invitation that we designed for a recent photo shoot.  This invitation suite consists of a laser cut and engraved navy pocket (yes, we are able to engrave on paper as well); a silver, foiled and letter pressed invitation card digitally printed with a stunning cosmo background that includes an RSVP card. This stunning invitation is placed inside a silver envelope consisting of the same laser cut and engraved envelope liner as the pocket.  A masterpiece in its own right…






Cover photo source: Pinterest