Match Up

We all like to give the outside world the illusion of being calm, collected and having your life together (Even though you’re wearing the shirt you found in the 3-week-old laundry pile that lives on the ominous chair that you haven’t REALLY seen in years). One of the ways we achieve this is by matching things. Matching shoes to handbags, hair to nails, makeup to dresses and we guarantee we’re always drinking wine out of our shiniest and fanciest glass (There’s only one). So why not convince your friends and family that you absolutely were NOT the bridezilla that everyone keeps saying you were (throw an ashtray at someone’s head ONE time!) by perfectly matching your invitations to your wedding dress? This gives them an unknowing taste of what’s to come on the big day! Wondering how to match an invitation to a wedding dress without having to ALWAYS opt for bright, white and plain? Well you’re in luck, because we’re going to show you!



Lovely Lace Invitation

Going for a fitted semi-vintage dress and want to steer a short way from bright white? Pair it with an invitation beautifully printed in cream with fine lace detail. Include matching envelope liners to step it up a notch!



Bijoux Jewel Invitation

Going for a detailed vintage lace dress? Pair it with a stunningly intricate laser cut invitation with lace detail digitally printed. Finish it off with a silver band and a diamante buckle to represent the embellishments and smaller details that accentuate the overall look of your gown.



Abbey Rose Invitation

We LOVE the colour pink and we try to use it every opportunity we get! So we just KNOW there’s a beautiful bride out there who is dying to add it to her dress to deter from the classic plain white look that is so often done. When you finish off your dress with a belted ribbon and bow, be sure to incorporate just a touch of a matching colour in your invitations too. Using backing cards gives dimension to an otherwise flat border and represents the added feature of your gown perfectly!



Azure Swirl Invitation

Prefer the classic bright white gown? The type of dress we all dream about for years as kids when we imagine our wedding day. some of the most beautiful invitations have used little to no colour and have blown people away with their delicately balanced designs. Using a simple square diamante buckle and smooth satin ribbon, you can create a clean and classic invitation that will be remembered for years to come.


So give that shirt another sprits of perfume (nobody will notice, we promise) and use the time you should be using to do washing to plan a perfectly fitting wedding day instead!


*Wedding dress images provided by Shanique Unique Clothing Lines