Lovely Letterpress printed invitations


Lovely Letterpress printed invitations


One ton of iron + a teaspoon of ink + the finest papers = one seriously BEAUTIFUL IMPRESSION with unsurpassed quality!

Letterpress printing is an age old print form invented in the mid-15th century, Letterpress is printing with metal plates, in which plates are inked and then PRESSED INTO THE PAPER to obtain a tactile printed image unlike any other print form. The process is tactile and mechanical, yet requires an astonishing amount of craftsmanship and talent to perfect.

At Secret Diary Designs, an understanding of (and passion for) the materials, the process and the antiquated technology allows us to create exquisite invitations and stationery products of the highest quality that are striking and beautiful. On the same machine we also offer blind embossing / debossing as well as stamp foiling.

No photograph does these breath taking prints justice, but just merely holding one and running your fingers over the “pressed in” text will change your views on printing forever! If you have never had the pleasure of feeling one of these magnificent prints, then please do us the favor of popping into our studio and requesting to see our letter press selection of lovely letterpress printed invitations, letterpress printed cards and letterpress printed event stationery. Its a definite must see for all stationery and print lovers!