Hand-Drawn Happiness

In today’s society, people always tend to veer towards the cleaner, more corporate invitations. Being an avid lover of modernity myself, I always tend to shy away from anything handmade, hand-drawn or almost anything that showcases human warmth. I think we have gotten used to a world in which the influences of technology play a bigger role in our lives than we are willing to acknowledge. People have gotten used to the design elements seen on screens, and always tend to look for the same cleanliness in clothes, packaging and even their wedding invitations. This invite is a pleasant reminder of the quirkiness that hand drawn elements can bring and a heartfelt reflection on the beauty of watercolour.


This is a square, digitally printed invite with a brown craft paper envelope, which really adds to the entire quirk and rustic feel of the overall design. The charming element this piece of design has which makes it unique when compared with other invitations or wedding stationery, is that it boasts the handmade element.


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