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Everything you need to know about Perspex

Today on our blog we give you the low down on everything you need to know about perspex.


Perspex is a very versatile product, it is a solid plastic made of polymathy methacrylate and can be used on the laser cutter and so it’s wonders are endless. Phew that’s the sciencey bit out of the way! 

Our most luxury perspex is our metallic mirror range, which comes in silver, gold and bronze. This can be engraved and cut into an exceptionally unique invitation or cut into a beautiful cake topper. Have a look at some of our mirror perspex products on our online store to see some of the pretties that we have created previously.

One of my favourite perspex is the clear as it engraves white with stunning results.

Our perspex also come in black and white as well as a large range of colours which are available by special order only.

Whether it’s for yourself to just add something different to your home, liven up your work space or to create a lasting memorable invitation for your wedding day, we certainly have the style, cut and colour you will need to make any day or occasion special and unique.”

Lace Perspex Snow Flake |

Lace Perspex Snow Flake

All you need is love Cake topper |

All you need is love Cake topper