Liz Richter / Bridal party survival kit

We created this gorgeous bridal party / bachelorette party survival kit for our lovely bride Liz!

She was an absolute dream to work with and gave us so much creative freedom. This was the fabulous end result! We are so proud!


The bridal party recovery kit contained the following items:

  • A 1 colour screen printed natural fibre bag
  • A bottle of Aqua Panna water
  • A personalised snack bar
  • Personalised Tic Tacs
  • Personalised Super C’s
  • Two panado capsules in a glass vial with a personalised sticker on the front of the container
  • Personalised lip balm
  • A scrunchie on a personalised card


* The fan in this image was not included in this order (Just used for for styling of the photo).


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