Personalised gift boxes

We offer personalized gift boxes designed and created to your exact specifications.

Meaningful gifts create lasting memories. They have the ability to build and transform our personal and business relationships. Finding the perfect gift – one that is thoughtful, unique, and lasting, can be a daunting task. We specialise in curated and custom gift boxes that tell a story through carefully selected products and wrapping details.

As lovers of elevated everyday essentials, we source items that are beautiful, but useful, believing that these little luxuries have the ability to inspire our day-to-day living. Packaged to perfection, and accompanied by a personalised printed note, each and every box that leaves our studio is a gift to be remembered.


The next steps:

1) Tell us what you require gifting for – Corporate gift, bridesmaids gift, bridal shower gift, teachers gift, promotional gifting, Christmas gifts, Eid gifts etc

2) Give us a budget per gift

3) Give us some details about the gift recipients – Males or females, what they do for a living etc. This helps us provide suitable gifts to match the recipient.

4) Give us a colour scheme – Or allow us creative freedom to go wild!

5) Book and pay for your gifts – Woop woop! This means we can get started and have some fun planning your gifts!


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