Carrigan Collection

The Carrigan collection comprises of the following stationery pieces:


  • Save the Date: DL 10x20cm save the date card and matching envelope
  • Invitation 1: 14x19cm invitation card with a silk ribbon and matching envelope with a wax seal
  • Invitation 2: 14x19cm invitation card with a 12x16cm additional info card in a contrasting paper colour. Includes a matching envelope and guest name sticker as well as a generic wax seal on the flap of the envelope.
  • Menu per guest option 1: A DL 10x20cm menu card with a matching rectangular guest name tag with a ribbon
  • Menu per guest option 2: A DL 10x20cm menu card with a matching rectangular slim guest name tag attached to the card with an eyelet
  • Menu per guest option 3: 14x19cm landscape format menu card with a matching half-moon shaped guest name card
  • Table number: A5 landscape format acrylic layered table number (self standing)
  • Guest name tags: Luggage tag shaped acrylic engraved guest names
  • Guest name card option 1: Half moon shaped
  • Guest name card option 2: Round
  • Guest name card option 3: Round glass topper (To place on the rim of a wine glass)



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